A Small Section of the World


In the late 1990s one of United World Mission’s partner ministries came alongside a group of 12 women in rural Costa Rica to help them start a micro-business: the Association of Women in Biolley (ASOMOBI).  Most of these women grew coffee on their small, family farms, and they wanted to create one central location to do all of their roasting.  Our national partner helped them buy their first coffee roaster.  In a couple years, the women began to develop a coffee processing business. Through partnership and the prosperity of this micro-business, several families have come to know Jesus.

One of the first families to become Christians is a very large family, and today several of their children are pastoring churches all over Costa Rica. The legacy of this group of women who started ASOMOBI has expanded far beyond the economics of their small town to have eternal consequences throughout their entire nation. They’ve even garner attention from other parts of the world!  An Italian coffee company, Illy, recently made a documentary film about ASOMOBI, called “A Small Section of the World”.