6 Steps in Sharing Your Missionary Story

You’ve already done the hard part.  You made a good list of contacts, and you made some phone calls.  You worked up all the bravery that you could muster, and you asked for an appointment, an opportunity to share what God is doing in your life. To your surprise, they agreed to meet over coffee, and now you get the privilege of telling your story, your beautiful story!  So, what do you say?

1. What has God done? 
Everyone has a unique narrative about God’s faithfulness.  He is gracious to all of us! Whether you have followed Christ from an early age or have recently been brought out from a life of tragic mistakes, you are a beautiful testament to God’s love and mercy.  Take advantage of the moment and brag on the special way that God has treated you.  He deserves to be praised out loud!

2. How did God put missions on your heart?
Somehow, God has shown you an intimate part of His heart, His passion for the nations.  How did that happen?  Were you involved in a short-term experience, a Bible study or a sermon series, a special missionary friend or a college professor?  How did God change your heart and give you a special mission?  Why are you ready to turn away from the typical pursuits and seek a life of missionary service?

3. What’s the vision? 
Since you have heard from God, you now are seeking to obey His plan for your future.  What does that look like? Where will you be living? Is there a team?  What will you do? How are lives being changed?  When will you be going and for how long?  Is a missionary organization involved?

4. What has to happen to get there?
Let people know what you need?  Tell them about your need for preparation and training and some of the logistics.  Tell them specifically about your monthly financial need.  Explain the urgent requirement to be fully-funded so that you can experience a healthy, vision-driven, unencumbered ministry that can have long-term results on the field.  Show them the different levels of giving and then…

5. Ask!  
Give them the specific opportunity to invest in what God is doing in and through your life!  Wait for their response.  Allow them to make a decision based upon what God is doing in their own heart.  You will be surprised by God’s willingness to provide through the generosity of His people.  When the answer is “yes”, help them step through the next steps.

6. Celebrate!
Enjoy the fact that you have been passionate and obedient. You have done your part and now you trust that God is doing His work.  You can rest in the knowledge of His goodness!

By: Tim Hagler, Support Coach