Saying Yes…

We’re still buzzing from the many God-encounters we had last night & here’s how the day unfolded!

In the morning I grabbed a coffee, my reading materials, and sat down to quickly get some time to connect with Jesus, knowing the demands of the day ahead.

I started reading from ‘God’s Generals’ by Roberts Liardon; inspiring stories that highlight the cost of individuals following Jesus, and saying ‘YES’ to Him, despite hardships and persecution.

Naturally, it’s easy to think my husband, Gary, and I have already said ‘YES’ as we came to serve in England as missionaries almost 25 years ago!  But I found myself that morning asking the Holy Spirit for MORE.  ‘I want to say YES today, to ALL you have!  I want more of you, no matter what the cost!’

So I prayed and paused.  A beautiful rhythm of relationship to practice.  Something I’ve learned the hard way over the years.  It’s easy to pray, plow through the day, and miss the divine encounters the Father has for us!  As I waited, the Holy Spirit brought to mind:

‘It’s Halloween!  An American tradition that has surged in popularity in the UK and the community is coming to your doorstep tonight!’

Then the words echoed in my mind from, Bev Murrill, co-founder of CGI, a network of churches we’re involved with:

“Darkness isn’t the reason we can’t shine,  it’s the reason to shine!” 

Step by step, He began unfolding His plan!

As we live in a highly populated area outside of London, that evening, we ended up having over 150+ kids come to our door!

Gary and I were dressed as cowboys, including hats & boots, and with our strong American accents still in tow, many were engaging in conversation.  With each group, we handed out sweets & said we’re glad they were enjoying this American tradition, but also that I wrote a prayer of blessing that morning for each family.  Printed & placed on colourful card, they could take home and pray over their own family.

Great conversations ensued, hugs, from neighbors we knew & people we just met, genuine gratitude for the effort given to make them feel welcomed at our door.  We ran out of sweets, I even began giving clementines away (some kids were clearly distressed at this point), so we turned out the lights and took homemade brownies & cards to a few more neighbors.  The night ended with our neighbors, Nick & Deb, inviting us in for a spontaneous dinner & continue chatting together.

In the past 24 hours here’s what I learned.

Encounters happen when we surrender and say YES to His plan.

It might be the unexpected even uncomfortable.  But so worth shining His light in a dark world!

(Here’s the prayer below we gave to our community:) 

Halloween … an American tradition brought to the UK! 

We’re the Americans, tonight dressed as cowboys from Texas!  We loved sharing sweet treats with you from our home, & we’d love to share a blessing over your life as well.

As friends of Jesus, or Isa the prophet, as spoken in Arabic, we pray that you & your family:

  • Will grow STRONG … physically, emotionally, mentally not living fearfully but bringing LOVE to all you meet.
  • Will grow in CONFIDENCE & FREEDOM not living in guilt or regret of our past, we cannot change.
  • Will grow as one in COMPLETENESS despite setbacks & disappointments.
  • Will experience PEACE in a busy, demanding pace of life.

We bless your spirit to experience all you were created to be.

John 6:63 ‘It is the Spirit, who gives LIFE!’
Much love in Jesus
Penny & Gary

By: Penny and Gary Seithel, Serving in the UK