Transformational Church Planting in the United Kingdom

Birmingham, England has become a city to which people from many nations and cultures flock. It’s the most multicultural city in all of Europe, with a “non-white” population of almost a million people.

Birmingham is also a university city, the most popular in all of England.  So in addition to being the most multicultural city in the country, it also is the youngest with 25% of the population under the age of 16.

In 2010, several people met and began dreaming about planting new churches in the UK.  The vision emerging from that meeting was “Birmingham 20/20,” an audacious goal to plant 20 new churches in the city by the year 2020. City to City UK, a United World Mission partner, already has planted 17 of those 20 churches, and has extended the plan to plant 30 new churches by 2030. We are excited about what God is doing through the United World Mission ministry with our partners in the United Kingdom

By: Bobby & Teresa LaDage, UWM Missionaries in the United Kingdom